What is RGB Notes?

RGB Notes is a cloud-based service allowing artists to communicate easily with their peers. We provide professional tools to share, view and accurately annotate uploaded digital media.

No software installation is required! Only a modern web browser is needed to get RGB Notes up and running.

Who is this RGB Notes for?

Here are some common disciplines who find our service useful:

  • animators
  • storyboard artists
  • graphic designers
  • 3D Modelers
  • video editors
  • character designers
  • compositors
  • web designers
  • instructors & students

Is RGB secure?

Absolutely. RGB Notes takes special care to guarantee your data and files are only accessible with whom you allow.

  • SSL-encryption is used for all web transactions.
  • All uploaded files are shared privately and always require login before viewing.
  • File owners can easily grant/revoke user access on a per-file basis.
  • All files are stored securely within RGB's cloud-based storage facility.
  • All links to viewable media are provided using temporary URL tokens.
  • Stored filenames are obscured from their original for added protection.
  • User sessions will timeout when no activity is detected.
  • An RGB user's email information is never displayed to other RGB users.

If you have further security requirements, questions or concerns, please contact us and we would be glad to consider your needs to better provide you service.

How can I invite others?

Simple. Just upload a file, sharing it with any email addresses you desire. If an address does not currently have an RGB Notes account, they will be invited automatically.

What browsers are supported?

Because we are leveraging HTML5 technology for our system, we require a modern browser to properly review media stored on our system. We've listed below the most commonly used browsers and their minimum versions allowed for RGB support.

  • Google Chrome v4
  • Firefox v3.5
  • Apple Safari v4
  • Microsoft IE v9

What kind of files can I share?

RGB Notes currently supports most major video formats and all browser-supported image formats.

  • Images (.jpg .png .gif)
  • Quicktime (.mov, qt)
  • Windows Media (.avi, .wmv)
  • Most Other Video Formats (.mp4 .ogg .flv .f4v ...)

If you have a filetype that you'd like us to support, please feel free to contact us.

Why can't I see my media immediately after upload?

Some uploaded media requires conversion before it can be displayed properly with RGB Notes' toolset. Please be patient, and the file should be available within a matter of minutes.

How is my email address used?

RGB Notes utilizes its users' email addresses to provide privacy and security. Also, by sharing media via email addresses, you reduce the need to know yet another account name for yet another web service. You also share files using email addresses. This makes it easy to keep spam at a minimum, and keeps it as simple as the email process you're probably already used to.

RGB Notes never displays any member's email address and will not distribute your email address to a third-party. We will only contact you when truly necessary, and respecting each user's notification preferences.

Why isn't my Wacom Tablet detected?

  1. First, make sure that the "Wacom Tablet" setting is enabled with RGB Sketch's viewport settings.
  2. We suggest installing the latest, official Wacom drivers to guarantee the proper web-browser plugin is installed. Please contact us if you are still experiencing issues.
  3. If you're still having issues, try this official Wacom demo to verify if your Wacom Web Plugin is loaded properly: Wacom Web Plugin Test

What! Google Chrome says this plugin isn't supported?!?

As of September 1st, 2015: Chrome has removed support for older style browser plugins which includes Wacom's Web Plugin. We are working closely with Wacom to provide a stable solution for all major browsers, and will implement the best option as soon as it becomes available.

For pressure-sensitive sketch tools, we suggest using RGB Notes within another web browser, until a new solution for Chrome becomes available.

Why is "Sketch" having performance issues?

Because "Sketch" is utilizing very modern web technologies, some users have reported varying degrees of performance. If you are experiencing issues, we first encourage you to try using RGB Notes within a different web browser. If you are still experiencing issues, we hope you can report your issues along with a few helpful details about your system (OS, browser, CPU, RAM...) to assist us in improving our product.

Below are a few items worth experimenting with if trouble occurs:

  • OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux...)
  • Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer...)
  • Media Duration
  • Media Resolution
  • Viewport Settings

Does RGB Notes work on mobile devices?

Currently RGB has concentrated specifically on the desktop experience, since that's where a majority of professional artists create their work. Some features may still work on mobile devices, but may not be ideal. We anticipate incorporating mobile support in the future, and would love to hear your suggestions on what features would be ideal for your workflow.